The Alien and the Elf

My name is Noelle, and I'm an elf.


I was minding my own business, testing a newly installed engine on Santa's sleigh when it suffered a slight malfunction. I found myself spiraling out of control. Then a bright beam of light hit from above, and I'm taken on board a spaceship.


Jaxar is a sexy, to-die-for, green-skinned alien who thinks I'm stealing his salvage.


He's never met an elf.


Well, I've never met an alien.


With no way to get home, I need Jaxar's help. Can we work together to fix Santa's sleigh in time to save Christmas?


A short, steamy, happy-for-now romance between a quirky elf and a brooding alien.


*Originally published in A Very Alien Christmas: A Limited Edition Alien Holiday Boxed set.




Alien Embrace is a USA Today Bestseller!


The Ghost of Morley Manor is now available on Kindle Unlimited!


Aliens on Earth is coming soon!


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