The Lunora Chronicles

In the kingdom of Lunora, nothing is as it seems. Bloodthirsty wolves roam the woods and the tyrant king cares little for his people.


When a man is found dead, the kingdom is in an uproar. Who will protect them from the monsters that stalk them?


Six women, their stories entwined, will solve the mystery as they try to find their own happily ever afters.


Kanida is expected to marry, but she longs for more, leading her down the wrong path.


Trapped in her stepmother's household, Lucy procures a magic spell from a witch so she can attend the Royal ball, only to find mystery, love and adventure await.


Darkness has always followed Casey, but now it seems that the past is catching up with her, as she is snatched by a beast.


To escape marriage to the king, Eira must fake her own death, but that means trusting a handsome huntsman who is prophesized to end her life.


Rose is living her worst nightmare. Alone in the forest, she awakens with blood on her hands and no memory of how she got there.


Alysia longs for a life of adventure and believes that solving the murder will help her find it, unless the killer finds her first.


A shared world fairytale retelling collection.


With stories from -


USA Today Bestselling Author S.K. Gregory

Tricia Schneider

Lexi Ostrow

USA Today Bestselling Author Tameri Etherton

Tiffany Shand

USA Today Bestselling Author Nicole Zoltack



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