Tricia Schneider Paranormal and Gothic Romance Author Tricia Schneider Paranormal and Gothic Romance Author


The Witch's Thief: Book Three of the Merriweather Witches is available world-wide on February 12!


Welcome readers!!


I write historical paranormal romance with a hint of gothic flair. I describe my books as Jane Austen meets Dark Shadows!


I'm currently in the midst of continuing my series about The Merriweather Witches.


The Merriweather siblings will each have a book of their own. Set in Regency England, there is magic in the ton as these witches dance the night away in elegant ballrooms and discover love in the most unexpected shadowy places!


The Witch and the Wolf begins with Lillian Merriweather as she's on the run from an unwanted suitor. Read more...


The Witch and the Vampire finds Melora Merriweather searching for a witch she is convinced will help her in her cause. Read more...


In The Witch's Thief, Basil Merriweather returns to discover his childhood sweetheart in danger. Read more...