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Into the Dark

Paranormal Portal Fantasy Romance

  • 65 Episodes - COMPLETED

Trapped in a dimension where magic feeds from the living, Allison must trust a stranger to help her survive this terrifying reality.


Brian has lost all hope of escape. Finding Allison has given him new purpose to keep going, but for how long?


As they search for a way out of this nightmarish world, will they sacrifice their newfound feelings for each other for a chance to return home? Or will they remain trapped in a world where the dead walk among the living?


Trigger Warnings: Graphic Violence, Suicide Attempt, Depression, Sex Scenes

Lady Moonlight

Historical Paranormal Romance

  • 37 Episodes - Ongoing
  • Last Updated 11/29/2023

Nothing could be more shocking than being accosted by highwaymen on our way home from a neighbor's house party.


My dear husband, Charles, looked as stunned as I when the first shouts of alarm broke the monotonous silence that had stretched between us. It had been a long and tiring evening spent under his sister's ever-present glare, and I had been thankful such an event had ended.


I never imagined my night was far from over.


Trigger Warnings: Grief over Death of a Loved One, Depression, Mention of Suicide, Dubious Consent, Sex Scenes

The Healer's Gift

Fantasy Romance

  • 6 Episodes - Paused

After Kara's village is attacked by a monstrous creature, she takes refuge with the survivors in an abandoned castle. But danger lurks in every shadow. When her daughter is taken by an evil sorcerer, Kara will go to the ends of the world to save her.

The Lady's Rogue

A Steamy Regency Romance

  • 12 Episodes - COMPLETED

Lady Hambly rushes to London when word arrives that her wounded brother has returned from the Continent, but a broken wheel on a snowy night prevents her from completing her journey.


Out of the wintry darkness, a man from her past arrives. But can she trust him to rescue her? And can she risk spending another night in his arms, only to awaken with fresh heartbreak come morning?


The Brides of Hawthorne Hall

Historical Gothic Paranormal Romance

  • 19 Episodes - Ongoing
  • Last Updated 1/05/2024

After her brother's death, Althea leaves the mistreatment of her aunt and uncle's home and goes to London in search of a new life. When she finds herself penniless, Colonel Gabriel Hawthorne offers her a position as governess for his young daughter.


Amidst the shadowy hallways of Hawthorne Hall, she discovers mysteries and secrets abound, and the protective and charming colonel may not be all that he seems.


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Lady Moonlight

The Brides of Hawthorne Hall

The Healer's Gift

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