Heart of a Phoenix

When everything around burns to ashes, it takes the heart of a phoenix to rise again.


From shapeshifters to vampires to witches and wizards, this collection has something for every fan of the supernatural.


Heart of a Phoenix includes all the best in paranormal romance, urban fantasy, and reverse harem romances from today's hottest New York Times, USA Today, and award-winning best selling authors!


Heart of a Phoenix: A Limited Edition Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy, & Reverse Harem Collection includes:


In Possession by Margo Bond Collins and Sheena Austin


The Call of Corvids by J.C. McKenzie


My Fated Vampire by Gina Kincade


A Dream of Sun and Roses by Kat Parrish


Winds of Change by Angela Sanders


Club Excite by S. Cinders


Heinous Crimes by Leigh Kelsy


Airship Coffins by Lily Luchesi


Paranormal Killer by Nicole Zoltack


Boxes By Irene by Lindsey R. Loucks


Bein' Real by Stephanie Barr


Aumakua by J.A. Cummings


Cursed by Caia Daniels


Moon Spirit by Roxanne Daveney


Turned by Tanya Dawson


Sanctuary by LA Fox


Shadowlands: Curse of the Wraith by Khardine Gray


Escape from Solara by Dana Lyons


Equilibrium by Mandy Melanson & Elle Ryan


Demon of the Month by Bee Murray


Flight of the Phoenix by Krystal Pena


Raster City Sparkles by Jen Ponce


Witchmark by Meredith Medina


A Weekend to Remember by Eden Rose & Megan Rowley


Violet's Diary by Anna Santos


Night of the Full Moon by Tricia Schneider


From the Ashes by Majanka Verstraete


Burn for You by Sapphire Winters



All proceeds benefit an author who lost her home in the Austrailian bushfires.




Alien Embrace is a USA Today Bestseller!


The Ghost of Morley Manor is now available on Kindle Unlimited!


Stranded with the Jaguar is coming soon!


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