Fire & Ice

Fire and Ice...they are two of the most powerful elements known to man.


From the tiniest of sparks to a blazing inferno, fire is an intense energy that can consume anything in its path.


Ice is it's unrelenting and frigid counterpart that can startle your senses and make you shiver. When put together, you'll find a force that is stronger than anything you'll ever encounter. 


If you love the paranormal and can't get enough of romance, then this set is exactly what you need in your library.


With mythical creatures, vampires, shapeshifters, and supernatural of all kinds, you're sure to find something that will awaken your senses and set your soul on fire as you tremble with delight.


Including stories from:


USA Today and International Bestselling Author, Nicole Morgan

USA Today and International Bestselling Author, Laura Greenwood

USA Today Bestselling, and Award-Winning Author, Jocelyn Dex

USA Today Bestselling, and Award-Winning Author, Suzanne Jenkins

Two-time EPIC award winner, and Amazon Bestselling Author, Lesli Richardson

Award-winning and Amazon Bestselling Author, Nikki Landis

International Bestselling Author, Laurie Treacy

International Bestselling Author, Donna Mercer

USA Today and International Bestselling Author, Candace Sams

Bestselling Author, Krista Ames

Bestselling Author, Deelylah Mullin

Author Tricia Schneider

Author Jayelle Morgan

Author Trevann Rogers

Author Trinity Hanrahan

Author Alicia Street

Author Marianne Petit

International Bestselling & Award Winning-Author, K.L. Bone

Author Jessi Ripley

Author Jeffrey Bardwell

Author Mila Waters





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