Midsummer Night Shifts





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Unleash the beast within!


Fall in love with shifters stalking through the moonlit heat of a summer night.


Join the hunt as these shifters slide through the shadows unseen, stalk their enemies, pursue their loves, and take down their prey.


Sink your teeth into 20+ stories of hot city streets, steamy tropical jungles, pack politics, and fated mates as the heroes and heroines embrace their inner animals. 


Fans of Dannika Dark, Terry Bolryder, Celia Kyle, Eva Chase, and T.S. Joyce will love this sizzling collection of shifter tales!


Midsummer Night Shifts features the following authors:


May Dawson, Krista Ames, Joanna Mazurkiewicz, Margo Bond Collins,

Elvira Bathory, Emma Cole, Jen Ponce, Lexi Ostrow, Jocelyn Dex, Trinity Hanrahan, Jasmine Cross, Ivy Hearne, Meghyn King, Justine Kitay, Tracey H. Kitts,

Niobe Marsh, Sharon Mayes, Eve L. Mitchell, Mandy Melanson, Krystal Pena,

Tricia Schneider, and R.L. Wilson






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